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Booklist: A-I-A-I-Oh WOW!

Catstronauts: Digital Disaster (Catstronauts #6), by Drew Brockington (6-10). The cat astronauts are thrilled to be invited to the first space hotel, but the lodgings’ AI system creates chaos during their stay. Fiction.

Cog, by Gren Van Eekhout (7-10). When a scientist becomes separated from her young android, the robot recruits mechanical friends to help them reunite. Fiction.

Basher Science Mini: Artificial Intelligence: When Computers Get Smart!, by Tom Jackson and Simon Basher (8-12). Meet Watson and Sophia, and get some context on current AI developments by looking at their history and potential future. Nonfiction.

Machines That Think, by Don Brown (8-12). Part of the “Big Ideas That Changed the World” graphic novel series, by an award-winning journalist, this surveys famous computers (both mechanical and human) through time. Nonfiction.

Show Us Who You Are, by Elle McNicholl (8-12). AI helps a neurodiverse tween reconnect with the best friend she lost, but the company behind that technology hides dark secrets; by a neurodiverse author. Fiction.

The Infinity Particle, by Wendy Xu (13+). A graphic novel sci-fi romance for teens raising philosophical issues around AI. Fiction.