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Book List: Long Live Lonesome George! – The Mysterious Genome of a Giant Tortoise

Charlotte’s Web , by E.B. White (4-99). With her wise words and “radiant” plan, everyone’s favorite spider spins quickly to save Wilbur the Pig before her death.

Old Bear, by Kevin Henkes (0-4). Old Bear nestles into hibernation where he dreams of the seasons of his youth. Fiction.

Galapagos George  , by Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor (4-8). Lonesome George lived to be over 100 years old, and his species of giant turtles died with him. Nonfiction.

The Bremen Town Musicians , by Ilse Plume (4-8). In this award-winning retelling of the classic tale, several animals too old to be useful still to their masters band together to foil robbers and find a new home, together. Fiction.

The Elephant , by Jenni Desmond (4-8). One in a series of carefully researched and illustrated animal books, we learn here about the majestic Asiatic and African elephants, whose life expectancy can exceed humans. Nonfiction.

The Old Woman Who Named Things , by Cynthia Rylant and Kathryn Brown (4-8). An elderly woman who has outlived her friends doesn’t perceive her loneliness until a stray puppy needs her. Fiction.