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Book List: Hugomatic 3000 And The Future of Soft Robotics

Hug Machine, by Scott Campbell (0-6).  A little boy — a self-declared “Hug Machine” — shares his pleasing squeezes far and wide in this heart-warming, hug-inducing story. Fiction.

Robots, Robots Everywhere!, by Sue Fleiss and Bob Staake (2-6). Robots fill the seas and skies in this rhyming, colorful board book for the youngest readers.  Fiction.

Boy + Bot, by Ame Dyckman (2-6). A boy and a robot hit it off upon meeting in the woods, tenderly caring for one another when each friends “powers off.”  Fiction.

If You Love Robots, You Could Be…, by May Nakamura and Natalie Kwee (4-8).  Robot lovers rejoice, because this book explains many of the robot-focused careers you might enjoy in the future!  Nonfiction.

The Wild Robot, by Peter Brown (7-10).  AI-equipped Roz activates after washing up on an island inhabited by animals, one of whom she learns to care deeply about in this absorbing and delightful illustrated novel.  Followed by The Wild Robot Escapes.  Fiction.

Cog, by Greg von Eekhout (8+).  A coming-of-age sci fi tale in which an android with child-like appearance and behaviors struggles to save his sister and reunite with his scientist-creator.  Fiction.

Weird Little Robots, by Carolyn Crimi and Corinna Luyken (8+).  Two girls forge a new friendship while building roboTown, an upcycled cityscape inhabited by robots of their creation.  Fiction.