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Conversation Starters: BANG! Where’d This Universe Come From?!

1. At the time of the big bang everything in the universe was super duper close together and then — BANG stars and galaxies formed and started moving apart. Now everything in our universe is very spread out and keeps moving farther and farther apart. Can you think of some other things in nature that start tiny and compact and grow bigger and more spread out?

2. If we had the ability to travel across the universe to distant planets we might be able to meet aliens. What would you ask an alien? What games would you play with them?

3. Talk with your family and friends about where you were on August 17th, 2017 – the day when the gravitational wave hit the earth and we were all squashed and stretched a tiny bit. Did any of you notice anything unusual? Extra points if you draw a picture of what you were doing and how you might have looked at the moment the wave hit the earth!