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Wow-To: Mind Mapping

In this episode, Mindy, Guy Raz, and the whole WOW crew go on a scary, fun adventure into the world of imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool but sometimes you need a little help to get it going. Mind maps are a great way to get the old brain muscle pumping. Starting with one word, idea or key concept, you then branch off to enlarge the initial idea, adding words and phrases or pictures. Let’s get into it!



Step 1: Write your keyword or key concept in the center of a blank page. This can be anything you want to expand your thinking about.

Step 2: Now create “branches” for different directions the brainstorming takes you. You can use different colors if that helps you keep track and organize your thoughts.

Step 3: Let each branch extend out with as many “twigs” as you need to fully explore your key concept and its offshoots.

Step 4: If unrelated ideas come up, write them in a different area of the page and you can come back to them later. They may even require mind maps of their own.

Step 5: If your mind map gets too big, you can add another sheet of paper or use the back of the page.