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Wow-To: Goal Setting 101

Mindy & Guy Raz would like to invite you to join them in setting some BIG New Years goals! 

Step 1: Think about what you want in 2022. Maybe your goal has to do with mastering a new skill (like riding a bike or learning to knit?), or making a difference in your community, or making a big change to how you take care of the planet (no more reusable water bottles for you)?

Step 2: Pick one BIG GOAL and jot it down.

Step 3: Now write down 2 or 3 smaller steps that will help you achieve your goal because BIG things happen one step at a time!

Step 4: Get started on your first step as soon as you can!

Remember you can share you BIG GOALS with us by calling us at 1-888-7-WOW-WOW