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Wow-To: Bug Scavenger Hunt (Camp Edition)

Wowzers like you are so good at observing nature! Especially when it comes to spotting bees, bugs, and other creepy, crawly critters. This Backyard Bug Scavenger Hunt makes finding all kinds of fascinating critters into a fun game!



Step 1: Print out as many copies of the Backyard Bug Hunt Checklist as you have kids ready to hunt.

Step 2: Give each child a copy of the printable, a pencil and a clipboard to write on.

Step 3: Let the bug hunt fun begin! See how many bugs you can find. You can look anywhere as long as your grown-ups know what you are up to. Try hunting at the park, in a backyard, on a nature trail, in your grandmother’s kitchen pantry or anywhere else you’ve seen a bug before!

Step 4: Check them off, take a photo or draw a picture of each buggy discovery you make!