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Reduce, Reuse, Re-WOW

Re-use this box as a planter! Below is a step-by-step guide to turning this cardboard box into a plant’s new home.

  1. Place the box in a small, plastic garbage bag
  2. Use duct tape to secure the bag on the outside of the box.
  3. Poke 1 hole every four inches of the bottom of the box to create draining holes for excess water
  4. Pour potting soil up to one inch within the top of the box. Make sure to tap the box to help the soil settle.
  5. Plant your seeds in the box according to package descriptions.
  6. Place your box in an area where your plants will get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.
  7. Wait to be WOW’d as your plant grows!

**Please note that plants that grow in containers may dry out more, and need more water! Check your soil daily to see if your plants need more water!