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Two Whats!? And A Wow! – What’s That Smell?

Why are Mindy and Guy Raz investigating Mindy’s Gingerbread Mansion? And what does this have to do with smells?! We’ve got the questions AND the answers on today’s smelly round of Two Whats!? And A Wow! We’re challenging you to find the facts from the fiction about the sense of smell!

Somefin Smells Fishy In Here Part 2 Conversation Starters

Imagine shrinking yourself down and climbing inside Mindy’s special super-safe micro capsule to go on a tiny adventure just like when Guy and Mindy got themselves eaten by a fish. Talk about where you will go and what you want to discover. Talk about what you learned in the episode about what it means to […]

Somefin Smells Fishy In Here! Part 2

After discovering on last week’s episode that fish oil contains offishoily fintastic benefits for our brains, Guy Raz and Mindy decide to take the plunge on a wild aquatic adventure to experience HOW in the world fish oil is made! Join us, as Guy and Mindy explore the latest Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, […]