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The Human Body is BONKERBALLS!

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Are you doing a unit on the human body? You’ve come to the right place! From sleeping to smelling, viruses to vaccines, we’ve got the episodes you need to teach your students about how their bodies WOW!


At Tinkercast, we LOVE to use our senses! Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are what help us Listen, Wonder, Tinker, and Make! We also use our senses to experience awe and make observations. Check out these episodes to teach your students all about taking in the world around them!

All in favor of adding “WOW” as a sixth sense? We think so!

Health and WOWness!

To keep our bodies WOWing, we have to take care of them! Teach your students all about the science of sleep, exercise, and the importance of taking breaks.

Two Whats and a Wow!

Now that you’re students have learned all about the body, test their knowledge with our science-based game show, Two Whats and a Wow! Perfect for a lesson intro, transition, or brain break!

More Ways to WOW!