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How Teachers Wow!

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“Ms. Cooke-Nesme is a Wow bomb full of love.”

Kobina, grade 1

“Mrs. Clay wows me because she makes learning fun, and every time I get out of school I have something new in my brain.”

 Charlie, grade 4
Educator helping student.

The WOW and WONDER of a Teacher

Like Kobina and Charlie, we all have had a teacher (or teachers!) who WOW’d us!

Teachers have one of the most important careers in the world. From developing fine motor skills to teaching literacy to nurturing autonomy and social-emotional skills, teachers have a powerful, lasting influence on the lives of their students.

We don’t need statistics to demonstrate the importance of teachers, as we all have our own experiences of how teachers WOW, but we thought we’d mention a few. From a 2023 survey by Zippia:

graphic with statistics showing the positive impact of teachers on their students

*Zippia. “30 Incredible Teacher Statistics [2023]: Demographics, Salary, And The U.S. Teacher Shortage” Jul. 9, 2023

In further groundbreaking research, 200% of Team Tinkercast LOVES teachers who WOW! It’s because of the teachers we had that we have such BONKERBALLS amazing jobs at Tinkercast today!

“My 6th grade teacher, Ms. Leon, brought the WOW every day to my English class. She encouraged our creativity with fun projects, she wrote songs to help us remember the parts of speech, and her love of learning was totally contagious! Her encouragement has helped inspire in me a lifelong love of creativity and writing!”

Anna Zagorski, Marketing Tinkerer @ Tinkercast

“My 12th grade anatomy teacher, Ms. Mortland, was (and is) so cool. She was an excellent teacher in that she always kept us super interested and let use our creativity to learn science, which is pretty rare, and she was also just one of the warmest, kindest people I’ve ever met.”

Lizzie Freilich, Executive Assistant / Voice Actor @ Tinkercast

More Ways to WOW:

Educator with multiple students in a classroom

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