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Women Who WOW in Science!

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It’s no secret that women have had to fight for their place in STEM. Nonetheless, women have been making strides in science since, well, always! Like Caroline Herschel who had to work as an assistant under her astronomer brother for years until 1787, when she became the first woman paid for scientific research and the first official female astronomer. WOW! International Day of Girls and Women in Science, but everyday really, is a great time to celebrate all the amazing contributions women have made to our world!

International Day of Girls and Women and Science

International Day of Girls and Women and Science is February 11th. At Tinkercast, we LOVE science, so we go BONKERBALLS for a day to celebrate women in science! But (and this is a big but!), we encourage you to use these resources all year to acknowledge the amazing contributions of female scientists across generations and ethnicities and encourage our future generations of women in science!

Ways to honor and celebrate women in STEM

Play these short videos from female scientists who WOW, perfect for a transition or intro before a lesson!

Teach your students about amazing female scientists such as astronaut Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian-born woman to fly in space, and “First Lady of Physics” Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu, who helped with a secret government nuclear project to bring an end to World War II!

Check out more resources for learning about and celebrating girls and women of science!

Check out for more ways to WOW your students!