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New Year’s WOWSolutions

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Happy New Year! Are you wondering how you can bring some WOW and WONDER to your classroom this year? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some New Year’s WOWSolutions that will connect laughter to learning and creativity to innovation in your classroom in 2024 and beyond!

1. Awe your students!

Research shows that children who experience awe are more generous and feel more connected with others. 
Encourage your students to notice the small and big WOWs in their world.  Wow in the World episodes are a great way to awe your students! Your students will be sure to say “Wow!” “What?!” and “Whoa!” when they learn that scientists think pandas might roll in their poop to stay warm! Or that dogs understand humans better when we speak in a high pitched “baby voice!” Listen with your students to spark their sense of awe!

2. Activate humor in your classroom!

The benefits of laughter are no joke! In fact, an article by BrainPop explains that humor builds connection, increases motivation, and helps students retain what they learn. Laughter also increases chemicals that boost attention and creativity. Teachers, don’t forget to join in on the fun! Laughter releases endorphins (you know those feel-good chemicals!) for you too! Giggles for the win!

Take your students on a laughter-filled journey with Guy and Mindy as they uncover scientific wows, such as why some scientists are drawing eyes on cows’ butts! You can even teach your students about the science of laughter and why it’s contagious! Remember, your students will be learning while they’re laughing!

3. Incorporate audio into your school day!

Captivate your students’ attention with podcasts! Podcasts can help you meet learners of all levels and all styles by fostering active listening skills, encouraging creativity, and promoting critical thinking. Podcasts are a great way to introduce students to a wide range of subjects, perspectives, and real-world applications – and the best part is they make learning relatable and enjoyable. 

And guess what? You can use them with existing lesson plans across subjects!  For example, there are NGSS-aligned Wow in the World episodes to support your current science curriculum. Or you can play Two Whats?! and a Wow!, our science-based game show, to help gamify science! Need content for history lessons for upcoming Black History of Women’s History Month’s? Check out Who, When, Wow’s episodes on Shirley Chisholm, Lewis Latimer, or Alicia Alonso!

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