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Kid Inventors’ Day

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January 17th is Kid Inventors’ Day! This special day, held on the birthday of one of the world’s greatest inventors, Benjamin Franklin, celebrates the curiosity and creativity of kids! We want to help you use Kid Inventors’ Day to encourage your students to invent something new, so here are a few tips and resources to help!

YES ! You ARE an inventor!

What does it truly mean to invent? According to Merriam-Webster, to invent is to “to produce (something, such as a useful device or process) for the first time through the use of the imagination or ingenious thinking and experimenting.” Now, that may sound intimidating, but it’s important to remind students that they (and YOU!) are solving problems with inventive thinking every day!

An invention doesn’t have to be a complex machine or theory; it includes anything you create from your own imagination or thinking. Inventions are often tweaks or additions to pre-existing products or ideas. Let your students know that they’re inventing when they create a piece of art or come up with a new way to do something! Let them know they are already inventors!

3 Ways to WOW on Kid Inventors’ Day!

  1. Learn more! 

Teach your students about the history and importance of Kid Inventors’ Day and inspire them with this article by Guinness World Records featuring 4 amazing inventions made by children! Be sure to mention that the youngest person to ever receive a patent, or official ownership over an invention, was four-years-old! WOW!

  1. Inspire!

Learn about Lewis Latimer, an inventor who persevered in spite of discrimination and segregation to play a pivotal role in some of the world’s most important inventions — the lightbulb and the telephone! 

  1. Invent!

At TinkerClass, we love to invent! A podject [podcast + project] is an activity or experiment that investigates a real world question or problem. For example, your students can learn how a seashell was used to make music, then invent an instrument of their own! And don’t worry, TinkerClass walks you through every step of the process so you and your students can focus on creating something that WOWs! Go to for a list of podjects that will have your students thinking like an inventor!

Want more? Check out these additional resources for inspiring your class of inventors!