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Aligning TinkerClass with Your Curriculum

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If you know Wow in the World, you know that this podcast is packed with surprising and delightful STEM content that will make your students laugh while they learn. Our episodes explore the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences and many engineering topics.

But did you know that our podcasts and TinkerClass materials also align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? See how episodes align here and how guided activities align here.

With episodes about everything from animals to climate change to innovations to space and more, you’ll find plenty of content to match your curricular needs. Episodes can easily be searched and sorted by keyword, subject or topic, allowing you to choose an episode for a variety of purposes:

TinkerClass is an innovative, standards-aligned, Podject-Based-Learning platform that is easy for teachers to implement. Once you’ve found the episode for the unit you want to teach, get started in four easy steps with this guide!

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Want to transform podcasts into PBL, or as we like to call it—Podject Based Learning? Sign up for TinkerClass. Free for teachers!