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Will my students like podcasts?

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According to a 2023 survey by Edison Research, the #1 reason kids say they listen to podcasts is because they’re fun to listen to! At Tinkercast, we believe learning should be fun, which is why we created podcasts like Wow in the World – to deliver fact-based stories about science, history, animals that make kids say WOW! So, not only do kids like listening to podcasts, but they learn! The Edison Research report showed 94% of 6-12 year olds that listened to a podcast in the last month say they learned new things from the podcast and 87% shared something they learned from the podcast with other people! Win, Win, WOW!

Try it out for yourself! 

Step 1: Select an episode from the TinkerClass library

Step 2: Ask your students to name one new thing they learned. 

Step 3: Encourage your students to share what they learned with a friend or family member. 

Try using podcasts as an incentive! 

K-5 Science teacher Carole Paterson uses podcasts as a reward that students can earn. “The funny thing is, I’m rewarding learning with more learning!” she says. Here are a few tips for using podcasts as an incentive in your class:

Let students choose! They will probably choose something silly like Poo Poo Pandy Party or  Nose-Picking Friends but don’t worry, they are definitely learning while they’re laughing!