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Can you say “WOW” in Spanish?

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Have you heard? TinkerClass just dropped five new Wow in the World episodes in Spanish! Each episode has an associated TinkerClass podject also in Spanish – WOW! 

Tinkercast believes in the power of podcasts to connect laughter to learning and kids to their world. Now with our Spanish language episodes we’re joining other kids podcasts like Tumble en Español in reaching more Wowzers everywhere! 

Using dual-language materials in your classroom creates a more inclusive learning environment for native speakers of those languages AND exposes students to new languages. With the new Wow in the World episodes in Spanish, your students can engage with NGSS-aligned content like how pandas get their spots and how slugs can help doctors – in a way that both English and Spanish speakers understand! 

The benefits also extend to those learning Spanish. Studies have shown that podcasts can help users learn a second language by improving listening skills, developing pronunciation, and promoting the acquisition of new vocabulary. By immersing oneself in podcasts spoken in other languages, listeners gain a better grasp of pronunciation and acquire a natural, contextual understanding of words and phrases. Check out this article from Babbel for more about how to integrate podcasts into the language-learning journey and this list of Spanish podcasts from Common Sense Media to get you started. 

And don’t forget about TinkerClass’s  brand-new Wow in the World episodes in Spanish  that can help you start wow-ing en Español today!

Check out our Spanish episodes here!