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Spaced Out Pen Pal Pt 1 Conversation Starters

  1. Invent a new space suit. Create materials and technology to keep astronauts warm, provide them with oxygen, and protect them from the sun and meteorites. BONUS: use your imagination to add cool extra features. X-ray vision visor? Gumball dispenser helmet?
  1. If you had a liquid armor technology suit, which is usually soft and flexible but hardens up if something tries to puncture it, what kind of fascinating, far away, or wild adventures would you go on? Hug a porcupine? Fly through Saturn’s rings?
  1. Imagine your future self as an astronaut on the International Space Station who hasn’t been to Earth in a long time. Write a letter to a penpal back home. Tell them about your experiments and explorations in space and think up questions you would have about what’s been happening down on Earth.