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Somefin Smells Fishy Conversation Starters

  1. Talk about what foods you like to have as bedtime snacks and which you think are the most soporific (help you get sleepy)? Would you try a bedtime fish snack!?
  2. Make up your own special brain-boosting fish recipe and act out a creative cooking show like Guy Raz’s “Caveman Cooking Show” for the “Neathanderthal Network.” Who will your audience be?
  3. Oh no – Guy Raz and Mindy left us on a cliffhanger! But that’s what your imagination is for! While you wait it’s your chance to write your very own Part 2. Will Reggie make an appearance? Will a talking fish help Mindy? You can use what’s already in your head or read more about the benefits of fish to create the perfect ending.