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for Curious Kids & Their Grown-Ups

Bag O’ Worms & The Velocity of Poop

  1. In this episode of Wow in the World, we learned that when wax worms are trapped in a plastic grocery bag, they will eat their way to freedom. Imagine opening a wax worm restaurant where all the menu items contain some form of plastic grocery bags! What would you name this restaurant? What would it look like? What would wax worms find on the menu?
  2. Taking what we learned about wax worms ability to process the chemicals found in grocery bags, imagine some ways that scientists can take this discovery and the information gathered from it, to help our planet in the future.
  3. In this episode, Guy Raz and Mindy found themselves at a race where the winner was determined by the velocity or the speed at which they pooped! Create an new team sport for animals that involves poop and velocity.  What kind of equipment would be involved? What would the uniforms look like? What kind of trophy would the winning team receive? Also, be sure to come up with some super pooper team names!