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Where Did We Come From?

  1. In this episode, GuyRaz and Mindy talked a little about the recent Hurricane Harvey, and ways that we can help out our human family when they need it the most. Talk with your family, teachers, and friends about ways that you can pitch in together.
  2. With all the hurricane talk in the news this week, GuyRaz and Mindy decided to get into the science of how hurricanes form. And while these storms can be scary, they also give us a heads up on when they might be coming through. Talk with your family about ways to plan for an emergency like this. There are helpful emergency checklists that your grownups can find online, and suggestions for emergency kits to have handy. Most of us will never need to use these plans, but it’s never a bad idea to be overly prepared!
  3. In this episode, Mindy and GuyRaz took a trip in the time machine, to check out what life was like for our earliest ancient relatives. If you had the chance to take a once in a lifetime ride in Mindy’s time machine, what period of human history would you want to observe
  4. What parts of the world do you think your own DNA comes from? How far back can you trace your own family tree? We learned in the episode that humans all originated in in Africa and then migrated to other parts of the world. Guy Raz’s DNA results gave him a map based on his ancestor’s story. See it here: What do you imagine your own ancestor’s story to be? Can you parents or grandparents help to provide any clues? Using your scientific reasoning, draw your own ancestor migration map.