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Craft: Build-A-Bug

We love any craft that encourages you to up-cycle something you would otherwise toss in the trash or recycling bin. These adorable build-a-bugs are just that! Make your very own beetle, ant or butterfly OR… create an entirely new bug with an entirely new name!



  • bottle caps, empty bottles
  • cardboard tubes
  • clear plastic packaging (eg: plastic salad bar containers or takeout lids)
  • googly eyes or beads
  • craft feathers
  • pipe cleaners or straws (for legs or antennae)
  • permanent markers
  • scissors
  • glue


Step 1: Peruse your recycling bin and choose an item that you’d like to embellish. Bottle caps, small bottles and cardboard tubes are perfect jumping off points.



Step 2: Create legs or antennae for your build-a-bug using pipe cleaners. Create wings with feathers or plastic packaging. Create eyes using beads or googlies.

Step 3: Use markers to further embellish your build-a-bug.