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Conversation Starters: The Cubic Scoop on Wombat Poop!

In this episode Mindy explains to Guy Raz that they must in fact cover themselves in grass and enter a wombat’s mouth because “anything for science, right?” Really??? Anyyyything??? Other than grass covered and swallowed by a wombat, what other crazy scenarios can you dream up for Mindy and Guy Raz to go on in the name of SCIENCE???

Imagine you are able to accompany Mindy and Guy Raz on their next visit to the infamous pooseum. What do you think you might see while at the immersive, interactive exhibit on the magic and mystery of wombat poops?

Wombats use their poop to mark territory and their super sonic sense of smell to sniff that territory out and find their mates. Can you think of how other animals attract each other?