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Wow Scavenger Hunt

We have a big surprise announcement coming up on next week's Wow in the World, and we need your help deciphering it! Below are some clues that can help you reveal the big announcement. Can you find the WOW?! Solve the clues to find out!

WOW Clue #1: Want to gain some knowledge on the first part of the secret message? Simply listen to the beginning of the episode where Reggie goes to college! (Episode 458)

WOW Clue #2: Do you want the scoop on the second part of the secret message? Play the episode with the Sneak and Snoop Championship Games. (Episode 456)

WOW Clue #3: We've saved the last part of the secret message, as it is the best of all! Listen to the episode where Mindy and Guy attend a disgusting festival! (Episode 441)

Do you think you know the answer?! Grownups, take a photo of your Wowzer's guess and upload your photo below!

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