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Game: The “Who Made That Sound?” Game


Kids love to make animal sounds and why wouldn’t they??? They’re easy to do and lots of fun! This is a fun collaborative game that will get you and your crew making all kinds of silly animal sounds in no time. Let’s play!


Step 1: Whomever is playing gathers together in a circle (Pro tip: this game is best to play with 4-8 players).


Step 2: One person is selected to be the “zookeeper”. That individual will stand in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed.


Step 3: With eyes still closed, the zookeeper instructs the other players on how they should move around in the circle ring-a-round-the rosie style. Should they be hopping, skipping, slow walking, etc.


Step 4: Then at some point the zookeeper (eyes still closed) yells “freeze” points at someone and shouts out an animal name. That player then makes the noise of that animal. If the zookeeper points in between children, the player to the left takes the turn.


Step 5: The zookeeper now spins around a few times, opens their eyes and gets three guesses to figure out who made the animal sound.


Step 6: For the next round, the player who made the animal sound becomes the zookeeper and play continues until you’ve moo’d, squawked and meowed your way through all the players.