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Craft: Build Your Own Instruments


Craft: Make Your Own Kazoo Making a stash of homemade musical instruments is easy and fun to do! Start by gathering together simple materials from your recycling bin and then let your imagination go bonkerballs!



  • recycled materials such as cardboard cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, bottle tops and lids, empty shampoo bottles, tin cans
  • rubber bands
  • wool/yarn
  • paper plates, paper cups, plastic cutlery
  • wooden sticks, embroidery hoops and craft sticks
  • stickers, gems, glitter, pom poms, ribbon, beads, etc.
  • markers, crayons, paints



Step 1: Gather together plenty of unique recyclables! Make sure all of your items are clean and dry before you start crafting with them.

Step 2: Look at your materials for inspiration. Do you have a tin you can to turn into a drum? A yogurt cup you might turn into a shaker? A bunch or jar lids that could become clickers? Or toilet paper tubes that could be rain sticks? Let what you have on hand guide you toward what you will make.

Step 3: Assemble your instrument and then embellish it by adding stickers, gems, glitter, or gluing on some colorful, decorative paper. Use whatever you have on hand.

Step 4: Repeat as many times as you like and get a stash of instruments together.