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Activity: Write a Collaborative Sea Story

It’s Under the Sea Week at Camp WeWow where we’re learning all about the underwater world. Let’s get started with a fun and creative twist on story telling. Collaborate with someone to write a Silly Under the Sea Story. Be sure to use your imagination!!!


  • a friend or family member
  • your imagination
  • some paper and a pen or a device to record on



Step 1: Decide who will start things off. The first person writes an introductory sentence. It’s a good idea if it includes your setting (The SEA!) and perhaps include a character or two right away.

Step 2: Partner number two reads what partner one wrote and then adds the next part of the story (you can color code the text by using different font colors).

Step 3: Take turns back-and-forth adding to the story until you are satisfied with what you have. Make sure to include a conclusion!