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Activity: Nautical Names

It’s Under the Sea Week at Camp WeWow where we’re learning all about the underwater world. Here’s a fun way to dive even deeper into life under the sea. Try this wacky way to research some interesting underwater animals, plants or geological features.



Step 1: Using books, magazines or trusted websites (that your grown-ups have approved for you) to find some underwater animals, plants or geological features you’d like to learn more about. Your challenge is to try to find the creatures or features with the funniest or most interesting names you can find.

Step 2: Using only the nautical name as a clue, ask a friend or family member to guess and describe what the nautical creature or feature is. You might even ask them to draw what they think it might look like!

Step 3: Document the process above as you go with photos and/or videos and share them with us at