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How To Be An Earthling: Volume 3

Featuring music from the Tinkercast Original Podcast Flip and Mozi’s Guide to How to Be an Earthling, How To Be An Earthling: Volume 3 merges the worlds of music, animal education, and entertainment!

Learn about Earth’s fascinating creatures through the perspective of animals like the Starfish, Komodo Dragon, Quokka, Giant Panda, and more while you sing and dance along to these toe-tapping tunes created by twice GRAMMY-nominated creative duo The Pop-Ups.

Whether you’re an educator seeking the perfect classroom brain break or a parent in search of an engaging car ride companion, How To Be An Earthling: Volume 3 has something special for everyone!

Dive into the music!

Each song from How To Be An Earthling: Volume 3 is from an episode of Flip and Mozi’s Guide to How to Be an Earthling.

Check out the following resources below as you sing along to the album!

1. ABCS of Manatees

Groove to the laid-back rhythm of this song, where Flip and Mozi celebrate the easygoing nature of manatees. From the manatee’s surprising connection to mermaid legends to their remarkable underwater lifestyle, you’ll definitely learn a great deal about Earth’s sea cows!

2. Baby I’m A Star

Starfish don’t have a brain, but they’re still the superstars of the ocean! This song will shorely help you learn about the starfish’s unique traits, like their suction abilities, regenerative powers, and gender flexibility.

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3. Good Things Will Come

These lyrics describe the Komodo dragon’s insatiable appetite for meat and the art of patiently waiting for the perfect moment to strike! After listening, try our lizard-related activities below!

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5. Hand Me Down That Shell

This catchy and heartfelt tune describes how hermit crabs find comfort in hand-me-down shells, showcasing the beauty of cooperation and sharing.

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Craft: Shell We Be Kind?

Make something crafty inspired by this episode!

6. Who Loves A Comeback

These catchy verses highlight the incredible recovery of the panda population, thanks to the support and dedication of their human allies.

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Craft: Panda Poop

Let’s get into the poo poo panda party fun by making some poop-colored slime.

7. Take It Slow

Mozi demonstrates the beauty of moving slowly, even running in slow motion, which can unveil the hidden wonders of the world!

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Wow-To: Smile It Forward

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9. Holiday Time

As they share their holiday reflections, Flip and Mozi encourage everyone to accept the unexpected and appreciate the blessings of the holiday times.