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How to Be an Earthling Volume 1

Flip and Mozi's Guide to How To Be An Earthling is an intergalactic musical podcast for kids that brings animal conservation into the conversation for kids and families. This Tinkercast original podcast features all-ages music composed by three-time Grammy nominated kindie artists, The Pop Ups. To hear more music from Flip and Mozi's Guide to How to be an Earthling, listen wherever you get your podcasts or at

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I Do It Cuz I Have To (ft. Carly Ciarrocchi)

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. The mimic octopus tells the story of how she came to have her miraculous adaptations.

Let's Make A Deal (ft. Jason Rabinowitz)

Nature is full of symbiotic relationships: Some are stranger than others. Here's the tale of a quirky pair — the alligator and the wading bird.

I'm A Camel (ft. Kenny Curtis)

Who knew the life of a camel could be so fascinating? Hear it straight from the horse's — I mean, camel's — mouth!

A Little Scared (ft. Jen Sanchez)

We all get a little scared sometimes. But it turns out, there is no bravery without being a little scared.

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