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Shows: How to Be an Earthling


Flip introduces Mozi to an earthling who knows that bigger is better... especially underwater!

Giant Panda

Mozi and Flip visit the habitat of a Giant Panda and learn how different species of earthlings can help each other to survive.


Flip & Mozi visit Antarctica to meet emperor penguins and learn about teamwork, survival, and why you should always carry a comb...


Travelpod: Shells

Flip & Mozi beam up some tough-skinned earthlings to learn a few hard facts about shells, adaptations and exoskeletons.


Flip and Mozi learn about living in a pack from a gray wolf!


Flip and Mozi meet a "dangerous" earthling called the MOSQUITO, and discover how their good intentions may not lead to such good things.


Flip and Mozi go under water to meet the SEAHORSE, an earthling who teachers Flip some self-love.

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