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Social Emotional WOWing

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Elementary students learn about the science of their bodies – functions such as breathing, pumping blood, and using energy. What many students don’t realize is that those functions are only half of the amazing story of how our bodies work! There’s also a science to our emotions, expressions, and social behaviors.

Teaching children about social emotional processes empowers them to appreciate the unique ways each of our minds work. This helps children develop awareness and empathy for themselves and others regarding learning differences, emotions, and reactions. When kids understand the science behind emotions and behaviors, they realize how special and unique they are!

You probably know that Tinkercast LOVES science, but did you know that we also go BONKERBALLS for social science?! When exploring the Wow in the World library, just filter “social science” for episodes about human emotions and behaviors! We’ve pulled together some of our favorites to get you started!

Express Yourself!

SELf Care

The Science of Feelings!

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