Episode 31: Thank you! Thank you!

  1.  We are so grateful to all of our Wowzers for joining us on a #SummerOfWow!  List three things that made you say “WOW” this summer?
  2. Imagine you’re put in charge of a new exercise class that mixes physical exercises with gratitude exercises. What would this new class look like? What would it sound like? And most importantly, what would you call it?
  3. Reggie is in much need of a STAYcation to rest his wings after all of our adventures!  What are some things you would do on a vacation at home?

Episode 30: Mucus Mansions & Pooping Plastic

  1.  If you had Mindy’s special submarine, which can drive across the country and dive into the ocean, what kind of scientific adventures would you go on?
  2. Can you come up with an invention based on the way that the giant larvacean eats that would filter the microplastics out of the oceans?
  3. Mindy mentioned that even if the microplastics are filtered out, there is still a ton of plastic from our trash which ends up in the ocean. Can you think of a way for people to stop using so much plastic or to keep the plastic in our garbage from getting into the ocean?

Episode 29 – It’s Raining Diamonds!

  1.  It is both too hot and too cold for humans to survive on either Neptune or Uranus. Imagine you are planning the first scientific expedition for astronauts to one of these planets. Create a plan for a vehicle that the astronauts could use to navigate through the freezing slushy layers to the scorching hot core.
  2. It rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus because of the intense pressure on the carbon in their atmospheres. On Earth, hydrogen and oxygen combine in our atmosphere to form rain water. Imagine far away planets with different elements in their atmospheres. What kinds of strange rain might they have?

Ep 28: Where did we come from?

  1. In this episode, GuyRaz and Mindy talked a little about the recent Hurricane Harvey, and ways that we can help out our human family when they need it the most. Talk with your family, teachers, and friends about ways that you can pitch in together.
  2. With all the hurricane talk in the news this week, GuyRaz and Mindy decided to get into the science of how hurricanes form. And while these storms can be scary, they also give us a heads up on when they might be coming through. Talk with your family about ways to plan for an emergency like this. There are helpful emergency checklists that your grownups can find online, and suggestions for emergency kits to have handy. Most of us will never need to use these plans, but it’s never a bad idea to be overly prepared!
  3. In this episode, Mindy and GuyRaz took a trip in the time machine, to check out what life was like for our earliest ancient relatives. If you had the chance to take a once in a lifetime ride in Mindy’s time machine, what period of human history would you want to observe
  4. What parts of the world do you think your own DNA comes from? How far back can you trace your own family tree? We learned in the episode that humans all originated in in Africa and then migrated to other parts of the world. Guy Raz’s DNA results gave him a map based on his ancestor’s story. See it here: http://bit.ly/2xuoTJY What do you imagine your own ancestor’s story to be? Can you parents or grandparents help to provide any clues? Using your scientific reasoning, draw your own ancestor migration map.

Episode 27: Sea Pickles!

  1. A sea pickle isn’t anything like the kind of pickle you eat! Sea pickle is a nickname for an organism called the pyrosome. Can you think of other animals with nicknames that make them sound like something they are not? (Hint: many of them live in the ocean!)
  2. Sea pickles used to be called the unicorns of the sea because they were very rare. Scientists think rising ocean temperatures may be one reason there are now thousands of them in the Pacific Northwest. Create another guess, or hypothesis, about why there are suddenly so many sea pickles.
  3. There sea pickle invasion is causing problems for fishermen by clogging up their fishing nets with pyrosomes instead of fish. Can you think of a scientific solution or invention to help with the sea pickle invasion?